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With capacity and expertise in logistics management and analysis, LFM EXPORT was born from the need of importers and exporters worldwide, to obtain a reliable and intelligent export, import and logistics service in total. All the logistics solutions offered by the company LFM EXPORT, are focused on the lack of each customer, resulting in an exclusive service and functional.


The focus of LFM EXPORT is to meet the expectations of the market and each client with excellence in a safe and efficient way, providing a lasting partnership based on trust and transparency. Becoming a reference in the area of operations Export, Import and Total Logistics, is also one of its goals, having as a differential its commitment to punctuality and the latest technology used in all its processes.


LFM EXPORT, a company that specializes in seeking your product from any best cost x benefit, on all the topics of an international process. From that point on, the company started working as an Intervener doing all the operations indirect, direct, with great demand by several clients. In this way, it has been honoring and solidifying the commitment established with the client, always with confidence and competence.